The Process

The Process

Clark Roofing assumes each roofing project with passion, integrity, and a promise to listen to your concerns rather than just talk at you. Whether you’re in need of a roofing consultation, construction or repair, Clark Roofing offers a distinctive planning process that ensures an experience you can look back on fondly. Your roofing project will be completed within your budget, according to your specifications, and with the utmost respect to one of your most precious assets — your home.

Step 1:
Tell us what you want/need. For any estimate or consultation request, please include: your name, address, phone number, roof type, roof color, building color, and times that would work best for us to see the roof. If there’s damage that you don’t know how to diagnose, we will help you to identify the problem and provide viable solutions. Likewise, if you’re not certain of which roofing material you want to use, we can offer insight into different options that will best suit your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Step 2:
We will give you an estimate. If the estimate doesn’t fit your budget, we’ll explore alternatives.

Step 3:
After the estimate is approved, Clark Roofing will coordinate a detailed timeline outlining the parameters of the project and create a progressive billing statement (50% initial/50% final).

Step 4:
The project will be managed and executed according to the set timeline and client specifications.

Step 5:
Email any questions/concerns you have along the way to
[email protected].

To request a free roofing estimate or to set up a professional roofing consultation, please contact us at 802.233.0511 or [email protected].

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